Muds and Chasms Faced The Aid Teams


PortalInfaq South Sulawesi: Today (04/07/06) the Rapid Reaction Team from PortalInfaq, in cooperation with the Makassar Branch of the Red Crescent Indonesia, went to a landslide disaster location in Gantarang village. It comprises three hamlets, Bontolesa, Barue, and Mattirowalie. There are 1702 people of 322 families living in the Gantarang village. Because of the landslide disaster, there were 7 people dead, and 11  injured. The accounted material loss so far includes 19 houses ruined, 16 houses badly damaged, and 15 houses lightly damaged. There are 72 children under-5s that are in the risk of catching respiratory diseases and need medical aid.

Accompanied by drizzle, the team departed from the main base in Persatuan Raya road with 10 personels. It took 1-hour traveling on a fleet of ambulances to the mid base, and they have to continue traveling by foot  for another 2.5 km to get to the landslide location. It was a difficult terrain. The muds and the chasm across the road compelled the team to walk with extra care. The team also had to pass by landslide points to get to the location. Several times, the team had to go through up to 5 metre high mudslides with chasms on the other sides that slowed the team down..

The way on which the team traveled was actually one of the route that connect the county of Sinjai with the capital city Makassar. This was obviously cut off because of the disaster. The team was compelled to establish a mid base in one of the houses in the Barue hamlet before getting to the main refugee camp. According to the local people, there hadn't been any medical aid before because of the unpassable terrain for any vehicle, on which a clearing effort by local goverment is still undergoing.  This medical base eventually served 100 people that needed post-disaster medical attention. Some of the patients suffered from open wounds that had not been treated that they have been infected and almost gangrened.

Apart from the medical aid, the team also made some provisions for the Gantarang village. This time the team distributed:

  1. Mineral water 19 boxes
  2. Flipflops 3 dozens
  3. Washing soap 8 boxes
  4. Condensed milik 48 tins
  5. Boys underwear 5 dozens
  6. Girls underwear 5 dozens
  7. Gents underwear 5 dozens
  8. Ladies underwear 5 dozens
  9. Biscuits (Pyramid) 2 boxes
  10. Biscuits (See Hong Puff) 2 boxes
  11. Instant Noodle 40 boxes
  12. Kerosene 60 liter
  13. Soap 72 bars<
  14. Dried fish 20 kg
  15. Pots 1 dozen
  16. Toothpaste 8 dozens
  17. Toothbrush 6 dozens
  18. Storm lamp 14
  19. Breast milk food addition (Cereals) 2 boxes
  20. Breast milk food addition (Biscuits) 2 boxes

The landslide in the Gantarang village ruining the electrical posts that the electrics is totally cut off now. The people there urgently need sarongs, blankets, rices, storm lamp, and other daily needs. The team was planning to come back to the refugee camps. As downpours happen quite often, there still the risk of having another landslide in the identified points (PortalInfaq South Sulawesi: Santi Supratman, S.Si).

There are many that we need to do to help our brothers and sisters in need. Please send your help through our account, no matter how small.