They Still Need Us..


"...And those who keep their treaty when they make one, and the patientin tribulation and adversity and time of stress. Such are they who are sincere. Such are the Allah-fearing. ". (Al-Baqarah:177)
Disaster after disaster struck Indonesia lately. Whatever and whenever disaster comes, it has to be dealt with with patience and wisdom. It is all that we can do, really. But when the facts in the field show us that there is so much devastation to bear, one cannot help but grieve. The PortalInfaq humanity and voluntary teams reported that there are still many untouched areas, which desparately need help. The lack of help has taken its toll. Two days ago, there was casualties just because of hunger, because they are locked in isolated area and has yet to be reached by search-and-rescue teams.

The situation in Sinjai, South Sulawesi, is vastly different from those of Yogyakarta, where recently struck by quakes. There is no more report in the media, while the number of casualties are continuously increasing, because there is lack of food, they are starting to suffer from diarrhea and other diseases.

PortalInfaq South Sulawesi, in cooperation with the Makassar branch of the Indonesian Red Crescent, BUMN Peduli-BAZNAS, and BMT Al Amanah synergically helps our brothers and sisters, the victims of flash flood disaster in Sinjai.

Here is the report of what we have done so far:
a. Desa Lembang & Desa Mancini, East Sinjai district

Ready-to-eat food 35 packets served 500 people
Tin milk 30 box/1480 tins
Mineral water 10 box
Shelter 22 families in Nurul Tijarah mosque
Clothing 22 families served 60 people
Medical aid 22 families served 100 patients

b. Aid provision in the North Sinjai market

Stove 51
Pots 70
Rice 700 kg
Mukena 16
Hijaab 5

Other programs include: Medical Services, Aid Distribution, Aid Provisions

The devastated area in Sinjai includes 2 badly damaged districts, 3 medium damage districtis, and 4 districts are lightly damaged and these are spread across several disaster striking points:

  • Difficult-to-reach areas above the Kompang village
  • Sao Hiring and Bonto Katute villages

From the data collected by field teams, the loss includes 143 houses swept away, 341 badly damaged, 33 lightly damaged, 1205 houses submerged, 73 houses buried under the landslide. The flashflood casualties include: 124 dead, 8 badly injured, 18 lightly injured, 49 are still missing. The landslide casualties include: 95 dead, 10 badly injured, 14 are still missing. In total the casualties are 219 people dead, 18 badly injured, 3 of them are yet to be evacuated, 18 lightly injured and get medical treatment in the community health center, 63 are still missing. The details of material loss and refugee lists are provided in bahasa Indonesia, whereas the total loss is estimated to be Rp. 280.593.285.000,- (or around £16,505,488.00).

The PortalInfaq teams face several difficulties in performing their programs, which include: the provision of ready-to-eat food cannot reach some areas because of lack of volunteers and appliances, lack of clean water, lack of petrol, lack of food provision. They need about 700 kg rice, 300 instant noodle packets, 100 box of 48 glasses of
water, 200 liter of petrol. The provision of aids in Sinjai is very limited. They need more pick-up trucks, communication devices, aerials and tower Ring O because in South Sinjai, the coordination with the execution coordination task force still has problems.

Currently with other teams, PortalInfaq has established two bases:

  • Main Base in Jl. Persatuan Raya No 36 in North Sinjai, to serve:

    • medial aid
    • aid distribution
    • collecting donations in terms of money or food/water
  • Field Base in Jl. Bhayangkara in North Sinjai, to serve:
    • catering for ready-to-eat food to be distributed to 1000 people
    • collecting donations in terms of money or food/water
    • burn the dead cattles (which started to decompose) in
      Lembang village
    • aid distribution

In addition to these bases, PortalInfaq in cooperation with other teams, try to establish Medical bases at remote/isolated areas in coordination with the execution coordination task force.

We appeal you to donate, to give your alms, to pay your zakah, infaq, or shadaqah, through us. May Allah accept our good 'amal. Please send it through our PayPal account or directly to our bank account above. (Rusdi, PortalInfaq South Sulawesi)