PortalInfaq Rapid Reaction Teams in Sinjai


The rapid reaction team of PortalInfaq South Sulawesi, cooperating with the Indonesian Red Crescent, is engaging another humanity action in two locations in East Sinjai district, which are Maccini village and Takkalala village. The landslide muds and fallen bridged has cut off the normal transportation links. It took almost 2 hours to get to these isolated areas through a circular and muddy route, before we got to a refugee camp in the Maccini village.

There are 300 families in this camp. As the village is situated in the river banks, up to 85% of the village has been destroyed. Houses were swept away; even coconut trees were fallen. We came across a family of six who survived but had to stay in a 1.5 x 1.5 m2 grain store, on a bed of hay, without front or back partitions.

The humanity actions that provides medical services and distributions of staple foods has been going on for 3 days since the flashflood first struck. We perform the action in locations where no other organisations either governmental nor non-govermental has ever reached. We are going to continue our action until Sinjai can be normal again.

As of writing (26/06/2006), the death toll is up to 280 people. Even now, PortalInfaq volunteers is keep evacuating the victims, who are in critical conditions from 20 landslide sites, in particular in the Gattareng area, Kompang village, the Central Sinjai district. This morning, the evacuation was attempted to use a helicopter. However, as there is no place to land the helicopter, it has to revert to land evacuation through tens of landslide sites. Today (26/06/2006), we are planning to extend our humanity action by adding a volunteer team of 10 to distribute foods and clothing, using a rented (or donated for use) operational vehicle to smoothen up the distribution of aids (Santi & Rusdi; PortalInfaq South Sulawesi)

There are many other isolated areas, which our helps and aids need to get through. Therefore, we would welcome any donation to help our brothers and sisters in Sinjai. Please send your help through our PayPal account:

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