Appeal For Flash Flood in Sinjai, South Sulawesi


Portalinfaq-South Sulawesi : On Wednesday 22-06-2006 a team from PortalInfaq South Sulawesi has started the humanity action for our brothers and sisters in Sinjai county, which is about 220 km or 4 hours travel from Makassar (the capitol city of the South Sulawesi province). PortalInfaq South Sulawesi has departed 6 volunteers and necessary aids for the victims of the flash flood. A day before, an assessment team has also departed to conduct a survey and to collect data about the victims.

A base for the Humanity Action for the Flash Flood Disaster has been established. The voluntary team of PortalInfaq will run several programs, including providing health services and distributing foods and aids for the victims. According the survey in the affected areas, the victims need ready-to-serve food, as they no longer have cooking appliances, and clean water for both drink and sanitary purposes. People start to suffer from respiratory and skin diseases and diarrhea. The health services are also needed by the wounded victims.

There are only 3 major refugee camps, which are in Balebboro (north Sinjai) and Panaikang/Lembang (east Sinjai). Until today, central Sinjai is still isolated because of the landslide mud and fallen bridge. According to the execution coordination centre, the death toll is up to 205 people. Most victims, as many as 185, come from Sinjai county. Others come from four other counties. In Bulukumba there are 8 dead; 6 dead in Bantaeng, 4 dead in Jeneponto, and one each from Bone and North Luwu. The disaster has ruined or swept away about 700 houses, 3 mosques, and several schools. The remaining houses and offices are still unusable because the facilities are ruined by being submerged in the water.

Disaster after disaster seems to continuously strike Indonesia. May Allah let your heart move to help our brothers and sisters. Please send you donation (infaq/shadaqah) or zakah through PortalInfaq account as above. (Sinjai, 22 Juni 2006 17.30 Central Indonesia Time; Rusdi, ST; Koordinator Program PortalInfaq Sulsel))