Flash Flood Struck Sinjai and Bataeng in Indonesia, 280 dead and rising


We have not even started to recover the devastation caused by the earthquake in Yogyakarta, on 21 June 2006, a flash flood struck the South Sulawesi province of Indonesia. This has washed away hundreds of houses and thousands of people are displaced. Until the afternoon, the death toll is up to 280 and rising because tens of people are still missing.

Heavy rains during the last 2 days causes a flash flood that struck houses. The victims were either swept away or buried under the debris of stricken buildings. The county of Sinjai is completely shut down, with a meter deep water in some places. People have gone to high places, but they are lack of clean water, food and shelters. Transportation links within the town and to and from other areas are also cut off. This is caused by either falling bridge or drown in a meter high water.

In Bataeng county, it has counted 4 bridges have fallen. About 618 acres (250 hectare) of newly planted rice fields are ruined. Schools are still shut down, just as shops and markets.

Other counties that are reported stricken by the flood are Gowa, Sidrap, and Selayar.

PortalInfaq representatives in Makassar, South Sulawesi has sent an emergency relief team to 2 counties: Sinjai and Bataeng, and will directly go to the refugee camps to send aids. In Makassar, PortalInfaq is also raising money to help the victims. PortalInfaq appeals for your zakah, infaq, or shadaqah to help our brothers and sisters in need through our bank account below:

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